Watanabe Noji have made maimum effort to develop unique and valuable products.

Seed is indeed the most important
power of agriculture

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Spring Onion

  • Green Samurai
    Hybrid : F1
    productsVery productive variety with high heat and tolerant and good resistance to rain (humid).
    Upright plant habit makes it easier growing and post harvesting management.
    Looks very attractive thanks to its dark green color leaves.
  • Summer Samurai
    Hybrid : F1
    productsBunching type variety, Dark green leaf color,
    Very high popular variety with few tip burn and leaf brake,
    Suitable for summer sowing with its high heat tolerant.
  • Gold Samurai
    Hybrid : F1
    productsBunching type variety, Green leaf color,
    Easy to cultivate all year round, Suitable for winter harvesting with its high cold tolerant.