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"Seed is indeed the most important power of agriculture"

CEO : Shuhei Ozawa

Watanabe Noji have made maimum effort to develop unique and valuable products for many years and to secure stable supply of excellent quality and also healty seeds to our important customers. We also have established close relationship to consumers by meeting their needs / requirements through enhancing our products for its great tastes and improved functions.
The challenge is our driving force and we are expanding our business worldwide, Watanabe Noji promises to provide hybrids the value the market.

CEO : Shuhei Ozawa

Company Profile

Name Watanabe Noji Co., ltd.
Watanabe Noji Co., ltd.
Address Watanabe Noji Co., ltd. (渡辺農事株式会社)13 Yanagisawa, Noda City, Chiba Pref., 278-0006, Japan

Phone +81(0)4 7124 0111
Fax +81(0)4 7124 0115
e-Mail info@watanabenoji.com
Establishment July 1, 1949
President Mr. Shuhei Ozawa
No. of employee 50
Main Crops Radish, Carrot, Welish Onion, Cabbage,
Green Pak Choi, Onion、Water Melon、Melon

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